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About Us

We take pride in working together as a team incorporating staff, parents, and children to provide quality early childhood education services to the children in our community.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Little Explorers Discovery Center maintains that each child is entitled to safe, clean, and attractive surroundings and an educational program which is appropriately structured to meet the needs of his or her age and ability, which will foster a deep sense of his or her self worth.

Our Mission
Our History

We were established in 1966 by a local parents association and Church Women United.

We opened our first classroom in 1967, became a United Way Agency in 1970, and moved into our current facility in 1972. We opened our infant and toddler center in 1992 and purchased the facility in 2012.


We have recently renovated the lower level and exterior of our facility thanks to the joint effort of the Missouri Department of Economic Development and generous donors in our community. 

Our Mission is to provide quality early childhood education services in a caring environment primarily for children of low and middle income working families.

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